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A Ministry of the Binghamtown Baptist Church

Gateway Christian School is a Fundamental Baptist Christian School that is dedicated to educating our students in all areas of scholastic curriculum, as well as the most important subject in life: the Word of God. We do not consider ourselves to be in a competition with the public schools in our area. Our Goal is to offer parents and students a choice; that choice being the opportunity to be educated in a safe environment by a group of godly teachers and staff members. Our curriculum is based on sound scholarship, common sense and the word of God.  Along with our commitment to providing an academically strong Christian education, we are focused on instilling in our students the life skills that they need to be successful in every stage of their lives. Our ultimate desire is to accomplish these goals alongside of you, the parent/guardians.  It is our prayer that we can give our students the best preparation possible, not only academically, but also for eternity.  


We pray that this letter finds you and your family healthy and safe. As most of you may be aware the Governor of Kentucky has recommended that public schools do not open for in person classes until the 28th of September. As with all decisions, we have sought God’s wisdom for guidance and after much prayer and in consideration of many factors, WE AT GATEWAY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL HAVE DECIDED TO KEEP OUR OPENING DATE ON TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8TH. We are looking forward to in person classroom instruction for our returning students and are excited to welcome our new students to the 2020-2021 school year. This pandemic has upended our lives unlike anything in modern history. Our priorities have always been and will continue to be the health and safety of students and staff while also providing both spiritual and academic instruction to prepare students for the challenges of the future. We will be putting precautionary measures in place to keep our students as safe as possible. We will be giving a more detailed plan to our parents when you attend your orientation appointment. Our extended family of educators, administrators, and staff have been doing their very best to embrace this new normal we have been forced to accept. While there are few things that are certain, we can promise our administrators and devoted teachers remain faithfully committed to the mission of a Christian education. As Christian educators, we must our faith to lift us up to overcome the challenges we face so that we may continue to educate your child(ren) through these uncertain times. We ask for you and your family to join us in continual prayer for a safe and healthy school year. May God Bless each of you. 
- Gateway Christian School Administration

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Tuition Cost and book price list

Below is the 2020-2021 Tuition Prices for the upcoming school year. Also pictured below is the 2020-2021 Book Pricing List for the upcoming school year.



Mrs. Tammy Reed is the current Principal at Gateway Christian School. She has served as a teacher and principal in the Gateway Christian School for over 15 years.


Pastor Boyd Bingham was a student at Gateway Christian School through the eighth grade (this was before a high school had been added). Pastor Boyd has taught, and been an adminstrator, at the Gateway Christian High School for over a decade.


Pastor William Boyd Bingham has faithfully been the senior administrator of the Gateway Christian School since it's beginning. Along with this role, Pastor Bingham also starts every day off teaching the High School students the Bible and the Elementary/Middle School students once a week.

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